Bluecrest Metals

About us

Bluecrest Metals is an American battery technology and integrated mining company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in April 2021 by Australian entrepreneurs Mark Avery & Brenton Avery, the company is focused on two key areas:

  • Developing advanced storage battery technology: Bluecrest Metals is working on innovative battery solutions to meet the growing demand for clean energy storage.
  • Building a vertical integrated mining operation: The company is committed to securing a consistent and sustainable supply of materials critical for battery production. This vertical integration will allow them to control costs and ensure the quality of raw materials.


By combining these two areas, Bluecrest Metals aims to play a significant role in the advancement of battery technology and the clean energy transition.


Vertical by Design: Our Core Principle

At Bluecrest Metals, we believe in a vertically integrated approach – it’s the foundation of our philosophy, captured in our motto: “Vertical by Design.”

What does it mean?

Being “Vertical by Design” means we don’t just develop cutting-edge battery technology; we take control of the entire process, from securing the raw materials to the finished product. Here’s how this vertical integration benefits us and, ultimately, you:

  • Security and Sustainability: By having our own mining operations, we ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of the critical minerals needed for battery production. This reduces dependence on external suppliers and potential disruptions.
  • Quality Control: Vertical integration allows us to maintain strict quality control throughout the entire process. From mine to market, we can guarantee the quality of the materials used in our batteries.
  • Cost Efficiency: Streamlining the supply chain eliminates unnecessary middlemen, leading to more efficient production and potentially more competitive battery prices.


The Bigger Picture

Our “Vertical by Design” approach isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about building a responsible and sustainable future for clean energy. By controlling our resources and processes, we can minimize environmental impact and create a closed-loop system that benefits everyone.

This commitment to vertical integration is what sets Bluecrest Metals apart. It’s the driving force behind our innovative battery technology and our dedication to a cleaner tomorrow.